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A key factor in the success of IT is the ability to communicate value to the rest of the organization, both communicating the value of IT and the value of individual project initiatives.

However, according to the 2015 Power of Effective IT Communication Survey, performed by the CIO Executive Council, if you’re like about 50% of the IT Directors, CIOs, and IT SVP’s in the United States, you see two key barriers that prevent your team from communicating successfully, internally and externally. These two key barriers are:

  1. Lack of communication talent in the IT team,
  2. Lack of time.

I’m a big advocate of developing your talents’ communication abilities to help them understand and communicate value. However, another effective strategy is to hire a communications director dedicated to IT. If you’re like about 70% of the IT Directors, CIOs, and IT SVP’s in the United States, you haven’t done this.

If you and your IT talent have too many demands on your time to strengthen your own communication skills, consider hiring an IT Communications Director. The report on the survey contains 18 case studies on how a communications director can increase the visibility and reputation of IT, increase buy-in in the importance of IT and IT projects, and freeing up your time and focus for the considerable responsibilities you already have.

The report can be downloaded at

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