Remember the Human Side of Disputes

The owner of a retirement home was facing a possible lawsuit from a woman whose father lived in the home. The woman had a good case, but the owner warded off the expense and time of court by doing something very simple. He acknowledged something that was very important to the woman….

Those *#^$%&#$ Ungrateful Clients!

Reading time: 2 min 30 sec. “We put considerable work into this project, but they don’t recognize it. We know we’re being paid, but we delivered significant value, and they never expressed any gratitude at all.” I often hear this from clients. They...

Keep Past Conflicts from Making Current Conflicts Worse

Reading time: 3 min. When a previous conflict made a current conflict worse I recently mediated a case between the founder/director of a nonprofit and a former member of its board. To preserve confidentiality, I can only tell you that it involved a (failed) attempt to...

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