When the Directors ask for Details, Communicate Value

What kinds of conversations do you have with the board of directors of your organization? What kinds of questions do they ask? And are you prepared to convey to them the value of the projects and initiatives you propose?

Here’s what David Thompson, executive vice president of global operations and CIO of The Western Union Co, has noticed about the questions board members ask, according to an interview in the Wall Street Journal (“Western Union CIO Talks About Dealing With the Board”).

A Process for Creating a Compelling Narrative

Reading time: 3 min. 30 sec. Imagine this: you’re already convinced that you need to include a compelling narrative in your proposal for your budget. You know you have to get the entire budget you’ve requested in your proposal, that the trajectory of your...

An Easy Example of a Truthful, Persuasive Narrative

Reading time: 4 min. In my article “Get the budget you need with a persuasive narrative,” I wrote about a systematic way you can make sure that the narrative you include in your budget presentation actually tells the story you want to tell and supports...

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