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Enrich and engage your organization with timely and inspiring talks.

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Enrich and engage your organization with a timely and inspiring talk about what I’ve learned as a mediator that helps you strengthen relationships at work and in your personal life, reduce conflict in the workplace, resolve disputes with clients and vendors without the cost and time of litigation, and grow your business and enjoy the work that you love.

I’m available to speak at businesses, service and professional organizations, meetings of professional societies, conferences, and other organizations and events.

Some of My Talks

Developing New Leaders – a Mediator’s Perspective on Leadership

Have you ever felt that your team members or reports aren’t engaged as they used to be, but you’re not sure what’s wrong? In my mediation practice, working with people in conflict, I see unconscious behaviors in leaders that offend, discourage, and stifle the passion of the people they’re trying to lead. Learn five behavioral patterns that indicate you might be exhibiting these unconscious behaviors, and get concrete, specific actions you can take to reengage your team, realize your passion, and create good in the world.

Six Signs that You’re Misplacing Your Generosity with Clients – And What to do About It

Wise, strategic generosity to clients can help your business – but unwise generosity can hurt it. There are six common signs of misplacing generosity with clients. Learn what these are, how to notice them in yourself, and the problems you can cause for yourself and for your business if you’re unwisely generous with clients. Avoid losing money, being taken for granted, and having to go to court, by creating a policy for you and your business to be generous wisely.

Removing Personal Barriers to Resolution

There are three common personal barriers to resolving conflicts and disputes in the workplace, with clients, with vendors – in all aspects of life. Learn what those personal barriers are, how those barriers hinder you from resolving conflicts, and get techniques for removing the barriers so you can resolve conflicts well, get on with your work, and fulfill your organization’s mission and vision.

Serving Diverse Populations — Bringing your Best Self to your Organization and your Community

When your mission is to serve diverse populations, make sure you bring your best self to your community. Know how an organization can be unaware of factors that limit their effectiveness in serving diverse populations, understand the problems that can cause, and get concrete and specific actions you can take to make sure that you get participation, get buy-in, honor the population you want to serve, and provide your benefit to the community.


My speaking fees vary, depending on the type of organization, size of group, and length of talk. Contact me for details.

I do a select number of talks without fee each year for service organizations.

If you feel my message is urgent and important for your organization, but you don’t have a budget for speakers, we may be able to arrange a trade of my speaking to your organization for you letting your clients, customers, members, etc., know about me, my work, and my services.

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