An IT team member has ideas for customer-facing apps they could develop, but can’t get management to listen. With short-term consulting, he learns communication strategies to help him pitch to the CIO. Case Study: Helping an IT Geek Communicate a Great Idea
  1. Emulate effective behaviors.

    Are there logically minded people you work with who are good at getting results with management and the business side of the house? Watch what they do and start doing it yourself.

  2. Learn a foreign language.

    All those strange words that management and the business side of the house use, like “engagement,” “on-boarding,” alignment” – learn them and use them when they can help you. (Yes, you’ll hate this, but do it anyway.)

  3. Neutralize the other person.

    Make people easier to talk to by imagining them as something harmless. This seems “woo woo,” but studies show it works. For example, imagine that the person is a friendly dog, a DVD spinning in a drive, or Neville Longbottom.

  4. Join Toastmasters.

    What, speak in front of a whole bunch of people who are staring at you? Yes. Seriously. Learn how to do it better so you won’t spend time dreading it.

  5. Be shamelessly emotional.

    When presenting an idea, use all kinds of emotion words that connote a good outcome: success, confidence, enjoy, achieve, win.

  6. Be generous.

    What’s obvious to us, isn’t obvious to them. When you’re explaining something, break it down for them in small, discrete, logical steps.

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