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Conflict-Resolution Coaching

Remove the energy drain that conflict causes – even if the other person won’t change.

Get Coaching to Resolve Conflicts

Conflict-resolution coaching helps when:

  • you need a productive and successful conversation with someone you’re in conflict with, who you don’t interoperate well with.
  • a co-worker has lost their sense of humanity.
  • you want to understand whether conflict with a particular co-worker comes from cultural differences or deeper disagreements.
  • you recognize that you can help yourself without waiting for the other person to change.
  • you need to have a difficult conversation (for example, asking for a raise or a redefinition of your duties).

About Conflict-Resolution Coaching

The Benefits of Conflict-Resolution Coaching

Conflict-resolution coaching helps you successfully deal with a conflict you’re in, to help you be a happy human being again. No matter whether the other person in the conflict is willing to change or to do anything different at all, you can take steps to remove the energy drain that this conflict causes in your life. You can unilaterally interoperate better.

What Happens in Conflict-Resolution Coaching

The First Session

In the first session, we identify your goals for the coaching. You tell me about the conflict, how it started, what’s been happening, how it’s affected your work and life. We talk about what the other person’s perspective on the conflict might be. We explore options for you to resolve the conflict, and practice them (for example, I pretend to be the other person, and you test a conversational strategy with me). We end by defining the steps you’ll take before our next session.

The Second Session and Beyond

In the second session, and beyond, you tell me what’s been happening since we talked last, and how you’ve progressed in resolving the conflict. We explore more options for you to resolve the conflict, and practice them, and define the steps you’ll take before our next session.

Conflict-resolution coaching is typically effective with just a few sessions.


$275 for the first two sessions (a total of 135 minutes of coaching), plus the email and text coaching. Additional sessions are $150 per session.

How to Get Started

Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to talk about the conflict you’re in, and how I can help you resolve it.

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