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What service will help me and my organization?

Leadership Coaching for New Leaders helps when:

  • you’re new to leadership, project management, or team leadership
  • you have an immediate interoperability problem, such as with a key stakeholder, a disengaged team member, or a co-worker who’s a bully
  • you want identify and own your natural human-interoperability strengths, and add new strengths to your repertoire
  • you want learn to identify others’ needs so you can meet those needs – and so you can be treated like a human being and get what you need

Learn more about how Leadership Coaching for New Leaders can help you.

Mediation helps when:

  • you’re having problems getting along with a co-worker, colleague, or team member.
  • you recognize that co-workers from different cultures could be working together more effectively.
  • two parties or entities within or between organizations are in conflict or in a dispute.
  • you want to avoid wasting time, money, and energy on litigation.
  • you want to preserve relationships and basic human respect.

Learn more about how mediation can help you and your organization.

Conflict-resolution coaching helps when:

  • you need a productive and successful conversation with someone you’re in conflict with.
  • a co-worker has lost their sense of humanity.
  • you want to understand whether conflict with a particular co-worker comes from cultural differences or deeper disagreements.
  • you recognize that you can help yourself without waiting for the other person to change.
  • you need to have a difficult conversation (for example, asking for a raise or a redefinition of your duties).

Learn more about how conflict-resolution coaching can help you.

Training helps when:

  • work groups need to improve their communication with other groups in the organization.
  • a team needs to take its human-communication skills from good to great.
  • co-workers need to interoperate better.
  • you’re enacting diversity initiatives or quality improvement, and dealing with the effects of reorganizations, mergers, or layoffs.
  • you work with multicultural teams and are seeking new ways to delight your internal and external customers.

Learn more about how training can help you and your organization.

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