Clear Road Ahead

Clear Road Ahead

I’ve been giving a really popular talk lately. I’m talking to organizations about how people can remove their personal barriers to resolution, so they can resolve disputes, get a good plan for the future, and enjoy their lives more.

People come up to me afterwards and say, “Now I know how to fix the problem I’m having with…” and they’ll mention someone they work with. Or, “You explained why these two coworkers of mine don’t get along; now I can give them some suggestions.” Or that they wish they’d known what I said about how to resolve conflicts, back when they were in a conflict with someone important in their lives.

This is what I live for: helping people understand how they can get out of their own way and heal their soul by fixing the conflicts in their lives.

Are you interested in this talk for your own organization? Send me an e-mail or call me at (206) 930-1113.

Photo credit: © 2013 Sören Schaper, CC BY-ND 2.0

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