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Is the C-Suite still treating your IT department as a cost center? Take some tips from Terry Bennett, a partner at Fortium Partners LP, a technology executive services firm focused on providing value delivered by world-class resources in an affordable, flexible delivery model.

In a blog post on Heller Search Associates, Bennett suggests some practical steps for helping your IT department become recognized and appreciated.

How can you show the company the benefits IT is bringing, and help them to process and understand that story? The first step is to accept the inadequacy of working in silence while hoping the company understands the impact you are having.

Here are the steps Bennett suggests:

  1. Express IT’s value in business terms.
  2. Develop a marketing plan.
  3. Enlist some help.
  4. Leverage a variety of media.
  5. Approach it from the outside.

Read the full post: Communicate IT’s Business Benefits More Effectively

Image: Heller Search Associates

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