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How To Have Civil Conversations On Social Media

We’re living in a time of angry conversations, especially on social media. Especially if the topic is politics, conversations quickly degrade into insults, ad hominem attacks, and lordly assertions that “I’m done, have a nice day!” Here are five steps to having civil conversations…

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I Stopped a Bully – And You Can, Too

I stopped a bully the other day. He was big, he was tall, and he was rude, and he was in the face of someone shorter and smaller. Even though I’m only average height and weight, I stopped that bully. You can stop bullies, too. You use what’s called “noncomplementary behavior.” You act like the bully isn’t there…

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An “Open Mind” Is Not Enough

If you’re white, and you think that you can resolve disputes or clear up misunderstandings with someone who isn’t white just by “keeping an open mind,” you’ll never be effective. What you really need is experience around people who are different from you, to learn in your heart how different their experiences can be. Here’s how…

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