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If You’ve been Giving Way, Try Doing the Opposite

Sometimes, rather than giving way to someone, you have to keep going, metaphorically speaking. I had a coworker once who’d always walk down the middle of the corridors between the cubicles. So I’d step to the side. He kept walking down the middle of the corridor. Then I tried something different…

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Should a “Trouble Causing” Team Member be Removed from the Team?

If you’re a Scrum Master, and you have one person on your team who’s causing trouble for the rest of the team, should the person be removed from the team? Actually, the first thing you should think about is whether it’s really one team member who’s causing trouble for the rest of the team, or whether something else is going on…

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Up the Mountain, Down the Burn-Down Chart

A Thommen TX22 Altimeter Reading time: 2 minutes One time when my sister and I were little, my father took us for a hike. He was an avid mountaineer all his life, and he wanted us to appreciate the outdoors, too. Like little kids often do, we started dragging our feet... read more

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