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Are you making it impossible for you to get rid of conflict in your life?

Make sure you’re not putting barriers in your way of resolving disputes and conflict.

Learn the three barriers people put in their way, how to recognize them in yourself, and most of all, how to remove those barriers and clear your path to resolving conflict.

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Strengthen relationships

  • Get what you need from team members, co-workers, your manager, the C-suite, and stakeholders.
  • Work well with the people around you.
  • Get the respect that all human beings deserve.
  • Fix broken or toxic relationships, and do your best work even if others won’t change (yes, it’s possible!).

Enjoy your job again

  • Get your ideas heard and your expertise respected.
  • Interoperate effortlessly with everyone around you.
  • Focus on the work you love, with fewer distractions from disputes and conflict.

Have a happier life

  • Succeed at work and in your career.
  • Get rid of the energy drains in your work.
  • Have more energy for your family and the things you love to do.



Resolve disputes and have productive, enjoyable work relationships.

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Conflict-Resolution Coaching

Remove the energy drain that conflict causes – even if the other person won’t change.

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Get teams that communicate well and produce results.

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Case Studies

Helping IT Talent Communicate

An IT team member has ideas for customer-facing apps they could develop, but can’t get management to listen.

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The Difficult Employee

An IT manager is dealing with a formerly excellent, productive team member whose engagement is dwindling.

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Why Great Start-Ups Fail

They’d had to spend money they didn’t have to settle a lawsuit, their main client was three months past due on an important invoice, and the two principals weren’t talking to each other.

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Louise was a compassionate, empathic listener. Thank you.

Mediation Client

Louise, through insightful questioning and excellent listening skills, was able to help me to understand and redefine the conflict for myself. This may be a turning point for our organization.

Coaching Client

Thank you so much for the enthusiastic and engaging presentation yesterday. I really appreciated the high level of interaction and the many experiential components.

Training Client

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